Facility 亚博官方网址下载Assessment

Our facility condition 亚博官方网址下载assessment service is designed to help you more effectively address your operational requirements,and improve any renewal project planning efforts.We offer an assortment of services that are designed to help you operate and manage your facilities more easily and cost-effectively.We can provide you with valuable insight into your facility's current conditions,and help you plan and prioritize for the future.

Since 1969,yabo官网LKPB Engineers,an IMEG Company has provided full-service yabo官网下载mechani亚博官网cal and electrical engineering solutions.Our in-depth knowledge of systems,techniques,and materials,combined with our energy,creativity,experience,and vision,allows us to develop smart solutions for our clients.With more than 40 years of facilities experience,our goal is to provide you with the complete,detailed,and accurate information you need.

The Experience You Need.
We have experience with a wide variety of different buildings,and understand that each facility comes with its own unique history,needs,and challenges.

  • Educational Facilities
  • Retail and Commercial Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • And more

In-Depth,Comprehensive Analysis.
During the facility 亚博官方网址下载assessment process,we perform a comprehensive examination of all facilities.At the core of our facility 亚博官方网址下载assessment service is a condition assessment.A thorough facility condition 亚博官方网址下载assessment provides you with the detailed information you need to understand current needs and functionality,and plan for the future.

The exact scope of our facility condition 亚博官方网址下载assessment service is customized for each client.In general,we perform a thorough site inspection in order to determine the condition of major building systems.We will also review documents such as maintenance records,building records,and building codes.Our team examines a variety of elements as part of the 亚博官方网址下载assessment process,including:

  • Current fire protection and life safety systems
  • Site amenities including sidewalks and entryways
  • Interior building elements
  • Foundation and structure
  • yabo官网下载Mechanical,亚博官网electrical,and plumbing (MEP) systems
  • And more

Accurate,Actionable Data.
We understand that our clients need reliable,actionable data that offers real solutions.Just as our 亚博官方网址下载assessment process is tailored to your needs,our reporting is highly customized in order to best serve you.As a full-service yabo官网下载mechani亚博官网cal and electrical engineering firm,we are also able to provide you with ongoing support and guidance.

Our clients use the information provided by our facility condition 亚博官方网址下载assessment service to plan their long-term facility investments.The facility condition 亚博官方网址下载assessment process is used to identify and address immediate needs,and determine long-term cost liabilities for maintenance,renewal,and code compliance projects.

  • Identify any code compliance issues,and estimate the costs of addressing them
  • Understand any existing deficiencies and discover solutions
  • Determine which repair and renewal projects should be prioritized
  • Address issues proactively for more cost-effective repairs
  • Identify any current or potential safety hazards
  • Discover new opportunities to improve energy conservation

By understanding the current condition of your facilities,and what repair or renewal projects are needed,you can preserve their functionality and better plan for upcoming costs.Our in-depth analysis will also provide you with the information you need to secure funding for upcoming projects.

Discover how facility condition 亚博官方网址下载assessment services from yabo官网LKPB Engineers,an IMEG Company can help you improve the functionality of your facility and plan for the future!!

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